Die Klipskuur

(our main venue)

In a cherished old Sandstone Milking Parlor with its adjoining Stone Kraal, on our farm Florence near Chrissiesmeer, a Sandstone ‘Venue’ TROUPLEK has emerged that has no equal in the vicinity. The place boasts a typical Afrikaans countryside ambiance with a touch of French flair.

The walls are made of sandstone and weathered rusty zinc sheets, complemented by seamless white-grey cement floors and minimalist crystal chandeliers. The doors and windows with chipped paint harken back to days gone by. The bathrooms feature unique basin-shaped taps with copper pipe finishes.

It is situated alongside a Blue Gumforest, on the banks of two trout dams, with further views over one of the many lakes in the Lake District of Chrissiesmeer. Just below the dams is a nostalgic highveld-style fountain with typical weeping willow trees.